My Journey through the Nile

I row my boat through the river,

swaying my arms with the oars ,

the water flows and it goes,

sending ripples to the shores.


The water crystal clear

murmuring softly that I hear,

So many colourful fishes swimming along with me,

So many flowers and fruits hanging from the tree,


The river bore an odour of hay,

my heart is unclouded and gay,

a no. of  huts I see in a row,

my boat sails high and low,

trees on the bank put up a show.


Oh ! see the sun sets in the west,

It’s orange and red,

the most beautiful sight,

I’ve seen among the rest.


It was the best trip through the Nile,

I have written about it in the country file,

What a beautiful day I’ve ever spent,

now it’s time to go back to the tent.



Those Young Hearts

The water crystal clear ,

flows away,

they love playing in it ,

throughout the day.


Chocolates and sweets,

they love to eat,

And what not they to do,

reading picture books and going off to sleep.


With muddy feet,

they enter home,

not afraid, with a smile on their face,

they just love to roam.


Those young hearts,

with their sparkling eyes,

will make you happier,

day and night.


Their sporty feet,

will definitely run,

cause they know its childhood ,

and they should have fun.




When the sky is bright,

and the stars are few,

O’er the hills ,

there grows an old yew.


And when the moon went to sleep,

the leaves smiled so bright,

the clouds are so deep,

at the site of daylight.


The clouds red and orange,

what a site so beautiful,

why the clouds are so deep I asked myself,

and why the birds are so cheerful.


The flowers danced in glee,

the air scented, so alluring,

Nature around me is so enchanting,

the sky twinkled  like a galaxy.


The blue moon,

I saw today,

would just love staring at it,

day by day.


With the shining light,

and the sparkling bright,

with the stunning  ray of the white star,

take me to that land, a wide afar.


With my great smile,

I would play in it,

in my big pockets would take it home,

will never scold him a bit.


If he has seen a bit of this world,

with his closed eyes,

flying high with the blue fluttering wings,

we’ll surely arise.


But even if he goes back,

to his homeland,

we’ll keep smiling at each other,

and walk hand in hand.



It is the art of vision,

the ability to rise above pain,

to leave the sunshine,

and explore beyond the rain.


It is the future,

you can create,

try your best , don’t lose hope ,

people will surely appreciate.


With a smile,

you walk  through these long miles,

its even bigger than a dream,

even faster than a flowing stream.


It’s your path,

make it large,

even if its crooked,

fix it,try hard.


Don’t wait for someone to give you back,

gift a beautiful one,

from your heart and your soul,

one day you will surely achieve your goal.


And now I hope ,

you know what is success,

it is the light, it is the dream,

that will always make you feel blessed.