My Journey through the Nile

I row my boat through the river,

swaying my arms with the oars ,

the water flows and it goes,

sending ripples to the shores.


The water crystal clear

murmuring softly that I hear,

So many colourful fishes swimming along with me,

So many flowers and fruits hanging from the tree,


The river bore an odour of hay,

my heart is unclouded and gay,

a no. of  huts I see in a row,

my boat sails high and low,

trees on the bank put up a show.


Oh ! see the sun sets in the west,

It’s orange and red,

the most beautiful sight,

I’ve seen among the rest.


It was the best trip through the Nile,

I have written about it in the country file,

What a beautiful day I’ve ever spent,

now it’s time to go back to the tent.



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